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Bonnie Fee Fi Fo Fum
(Sattelmeier 2014)
Seedling 25-650F: Emerald Bay (Stamile 2007) x Best Edge):
Height 28in (71cm), 5.5"(14cm), Petals 2.5”W x 3.0"L , Sepals 1.62”W x 2.5”L, season EM, Rebloom, Evergreen, TET,28 buds, 5 way branching.

Note: With this winter it seemed to be a more of a semi evergreen and there was no foliage damage at 15 degrees here. Since it was a Kaskel's BEST EDGE kid I thought it might be more tender.

This is very ornate ruffly edged Daylily typical of a “BEST EDGE” kid, but this one never fails to open completely in the South as it is an early opening daylily. I have seen hundreds of bloom on this prolific bloomer without one hanging up. It is taller than most Best Edge seedlings at 27” to 28”. WOW what a site in the morning. From the deep gold/yellow throat, the color dramatically blends into a 1/2” deep magenta band which in turn the petals complete the journey in light diamond dusting pinkish magenta petals finishing in the swirly ruffled double color edge. This two toned very ruffled ornate petal edge looks like a mountain switch back road with its very dramatic tubular protrusions looking like teeth spread gracefully around the perimeter. The first 3/16” color edge is a very distinct deep magenta matching the eye band color. The second outside edge color is also 3/16” wide and is very light green/yellow outside in the early morning ending the day in a yellow edge. The angel wings appearing deep in the throat adds to it's spectacular display. The sepals just carry a very very light pinkish magenta color so from a distance it has a appearance of a Bi-Color. Greg Crane liked this daylily and wanted me to Name it "Bonnie Fee Fi Fo Fum" Note: With the sepals standing out, this round type flower has a very full look and is a great display in any garden. Limited.

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