Glorious Day (Sattelmeier 2014) 3Fans

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Glorious Day
(Sattelmeier 2014)
Seedling 09-25-647B: Spellbound Secret (Salter, 2009)x Fringy (Stamile, 2008)
Height 40in (102cm), bloom 7in (17.8cm), Petals 2.5in W x 4in L, Sepals 1.5in W x 4.5in L, season M, Reblooms, Evergreen, Tetraploid, 30 buds, 8 to 12 branches.
Over 30 buds are space very well with the 3 to 4 main branching with 2 to 3 way branching at the top of each branch for a total of 8 to 12 branches. This very prolific bloomer and has blooms from a height of 30in. to 40in. which are nicely spaced. This star type bloom starts with a very wide open chartreuse throat going to a banded eye with subtle layers of light yellow, silvery purple, finishing with a very heavy mascara burgundy band at about 3.25”. The petal continues with a very light magenta color with a white streak down the center to the end. The petal actually has a two colored edge. The first color edge has a dark pin stripe magenta edge with a very light yellow outside edge. This yellow outside edge is further refined with a raised type pin cushion toothy edge periodically spaced around. The Sepals are lighter shades of the petal making with slight ruffles on the edges. It almost looks two tone from a distance. A must have for getting strong Christmas tree type branching in daylilies. I had this one in the back corner of my greenhouse and was not expecting any one to see it yet but Larry Grace could see it over all the other daylilies in there and had to get the first one. Limited. Makes Large Fans.

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