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MISTER FIXIT (Stamile, P. 2015) 1Fan

(Stamile, P. 2015)
TET 234-B (Patterns in Time x Rings of Wonder) 32” E Ev Re cmo 5.25” x 2.75” x 1.6”. 3-4 way branching. 20-25 buds.
I have converted a lot of diploid cultivars into tets with the hopes of capturing strong emerald green throats. Daylilies like Green Treat, Kermit’s Scream, Emerald Starburst and Rose Kennedy for a variety of reasons did not work. Here in a cross not for green throats but for patterns comes a deep emerald green throat! This amber rose with fuchsia, grayed lavender and purple rings of color seems to call out “cross me” and I do. Why? Mister Fixit gets its name from its ability to correct a lot of the problems with patterns and still be able to give up its color without muddying the cross. If you have worked with patterns as far back as Thais and Chinese Cloisonné or conversions of some of the best new diploid patterns you often see canoeing of all three petals from the earlier lines to canoeing of the one petal in some of the newer lines. This has been a struggle for me to get the petals to flatten so they will open in California. Mister Fixit fixes this in its seedlings. Also in new conversions you see a lot of defective sepals – sometimes cupped to the point of not allowing opening or simply so malformed as to prevent opening. The diploid of the same cultivar will still open properly but the heavier substance of the tet sepal prevents proper opening. Mister Fixit corrects that, too, in its seedlings. Is Mister Fixit a work horse in the hybridizing garden? You can bet on it! Fertile both ways.

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