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SPINEFELD (Stamile-Pierce 2013) 1Fan

(Stamile-Pierce 2013)
TET 96 (Hooked x Sdlg T838) 35”, 6.5” flower, EV, emo, EMre, 7 way branching with 45 buds. Arching Foliage. Holy smokes! I try to get all the toothy things I can as I believe teeth and tentacles still have a long future in daylilies; but nothing has even come close to this classic Full Form spined blossom. SPINEFLED has a base color of light orchid lavender, with a darker purple eye and a double edging of purple. The best part is the long silver spines on both the petals and sepals, and they are ALWAYS present! What makes SPINEFELD so amazing is even in cold weather there are teeth and tentacles. This is a break as it usually needs to be hot for teeth to appear. SPINEFELD never has a bad hair day; the tentacles just keep getting longer and the teeth sharper. Furthermore SPINEFELD is easily pod fertile and is a very strong grower with narrow arching healthy foliage. Loaded with buds and branches SPINEFELD blooms and sets seed all season until October. My best teeth parent. Like nothing else. Easily fertile both ways.

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