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BLACK HORNS (Benz 2011) 1Fan

(Benz 2011)
tet 34" M. Dor. [(Tooth and Nail x Startling Creation) X Horns] This startling burgundy bi-tone with its enormous gold teeth has been the most admired of our shark's teeth varieties so far. I crossed Jamie Gossard's narrowest edge, STARTLING CREATION to my own TOOTH AND NAIL in hopes of getting a really big narrow flower with a toothy edge. The best of these was riddled with teeth, but very dirty and only a little over 5" in size; so I crossed it with HORNS, and then came the homeruns. Jamie Gossard spied this 7.5 inch blackish red in the first year seedling bed, and shouted, “WOW! That one looks like a black version of HORNS.” BLACK HORNS isn’t even close to black, but the contrast between the very dark burgundy petals and the brilliant 14K gold spikes must be seen to be believed. BLACK HORNS seems to get better with each passing season, and I have seen blooms with tentacles over 2 inches long and often as many as 6-7 of these big gold spikes clustered on top of each other. One of the best known Florida hybridizers remarked in 2009 that he’d visited every major hybridizer of teeth and had seen many impressive new varieties; but until he’d seen BLACK HORNS, he didn’t dream that anything with teeth like this even existed. Blooming on a strong tall 34" scape which boasts 3 laterals, a terminal cluster and over 30 buds, BLACK HORNS has caused a lot of excitement among garden visitors, experts and novices alike. Plants are large, and very vigorous, with wide arching blue-green foliage and BLACK HORNS quickly grows into a magnificent clump. Fertile both ways; pollen is easier. The first seedlings exceeded our wildest expectations and over the next 2 years we will bloom hundreds of kids from BLACK HORNS as both pod and pollen parent. Hybridizer is SOLD OUT

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